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About Us

Vestire Fashion Boutique opened its first Conceptual Fusion Dresses Boutique store at India in July 2014. It opened to meet the demand for unique, Classy, high end, clothing and accessories for women. It is a high-class boutique, offering complete makeover of customer by its physical appearance, Skin color and Style. At Vestire Fashion Boutique, our goal is to “transform your life and Make you feel different!”

Now a day Women are becoming more and more concerned with the image and Style. The unique collections that set Vestire Fashion Boutique apart from its competitor is its “Customized Unique Fusion Dress” concept. Our goal is to enhance women’s wardrobes by expanding their choices through accessories and mix and match concepts. The boutique will offer fashion coordination and determine the best colors and styles for each client.


Our mission is to transform women’s lives by making them feel good about themselves, through their physical appearance, so that they feel confident inward, to build their self-esteem, so they might reach their highest dreams and potential

Growth Goals and Objectives

Our goal is also to expand the company’s online Stores so it will become our largest and most profitable store, serving an international market. In future we will Add high-end costume fashion jewelry,


Our vision is to open a “chain” of successful women’s apparel and accessory boutiques throughout the world, adding new stores each year.

Our Team

Management Adnan/Nazia they are Owner. They have vast conceptual and customized boutique experience Started in Jan 2008 in India.

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